Landscape Workshop


DSC_7900DSC_7900 Camera’s and the landscape seem to go together like Salt and Pepper, Abbott and Costello, or Bert and Ernie. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to Landscape photography than just pointing the camera at a pretty scene and pressing the button. Luckily there is a Workshop just waiting for you that will show you how to pair the camera to the landscape together and help you shoot like a pro.


First of all you will learn about the best camera settings for Landscape along with how the ISO and the shutter speed affects your images. You will find out how to compose a shot that will make people stop and look. You will discover what accessories you need like a tripod and ones you may wish to include to improve your images like filters and a remote control. The practical portion of the workshop comes first, learning as you shoot a Sunrise or Sunset over a 2 hour period.


The second part of the workshop covers how to process the images taken. We will be shooting in RAW and JPG so you can directly compare the difference between the two. In the processing part of the workshop you will learn how to use Adobe camera RAW to get the most out of the images, finding out how to correct the white balance to give you true colour, how to adjust the exposure and contrast, how to use the graduated filters, how to sharpen the image and perform noise reduction. Once opened in Photoshop you will learn how to remove dust spots, work in Layers and how to watermark your image.


This workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of the attendee. Before the date of the workshop we will discuss your level of experience and what you are wanting to learn.


It includes a 90-120 shoot at a location near you (Central Coast and lake Macquarie region only at this time) followed by a 3 hour run through on my style of image processing. As mentioned earlier it is aimed at shooting in RAW and getting the best out of your image. I does require you to have Photoshop and or Lightroom installed on your computer. The Landscape workshop is designed as a 1 on 1 but a couple can be accommodated for a nominal extra fee as it will increase the time spent processing.


The Landscape workshop fee is $350 and the couple price is $450.