Nightscape Workshops


Have you been seeing all the amazing photos of the Milky Way appearing in your newsfeed and wondered if you could shoot these images yourself?

Perhaps you have tried already and would like to know how to take these images to the next level?

If you have, you will find my Weekend workshop just what you are looking for. A comfortable relaxed environment where you can learn about Nightscape photography with a small group of like-minded people. Located a few hours drive north of Sydney in the country town of Gresford, beautiful green rolling hills with some amazing dark skies makes this an ideal location to learn Nightscape Photography.  The property has 6 separate bedrooms making a maximum of only 5 attendees at each workshop and you each have a private room. Couples are welcome as several rooms can cater for them. Other amenities on site are a games room, a Pool and Spa, some amazing local wildlife. Breakfast and Dinner is provided in the package


The workshop covers all aspects of Nightscape Photography. You will learn how to focus, how to calculate the best exposure times, how to compose in the dark and how to shoot a startrail. Along the way you can learn a little about the night sky. We spend 2 nights under the dark skies on the property so plenty of time for shooting. The small numberof attendees means you have plenty of private time with me to answer your questions. During the day you will learn how to process your RAW images. Dont worry if you haven't done it, I will show you from scratch. I even explain how you can use the techniques on your normal landscape images. Its not all work though, you will have time to relax and the property offers some fantastic amenities, Pool, Spa, games room and some amazing local wildlfe.


I love what I do and I want my attendees to learn and have a great time. I re-invest in the workshops constantly, collecting gear that attendees may use. I have several lenses for Nikon, Canon and Sony for you to borrow, Timer remotes for shooting star trails, Battery charges for most brands, and I have started to purchase tracking mounts to take your nightscape photography even further. 

These workshops are a unique opportunity to learn about nightscape photography and Astronomy from one of Australia’s leading amateur astronomers.

Dates for 2022

  • April: Friday 1st to Monday 4th  will be a combined Nightscape and Deep sky workshop to start the year. The Friday Night will be the night for Nightscapes where we will head out to several locations to capture the rising Milky Way. Saturday and Sunday Night will be where you will learn how to set up and shoot Deep Sky objects (Galaxies, Nebula and Clusters). This workshop will be held at Coonabarabran at the Warrumbungle Mountain Motel. This workshop will be $500 per person, including the use of mounts and telescopes. No accommodation is included. 
  • April: Friday 29th and Sunday 1st May. The early evening will be star trails followed by capturing the rising Milky Way at the Gresford Property
  • May: Friday 27th to Sunday 29th Milky way is perfectly positioned to capture rising just after Sunset, giving the maximum amount of time for shooting. This Workshop will be held at the Gresford Property
  • June: Friday 24th to Monday 27th The 2nd last opportunity to capture the rising Milky Way for 2022 as it will be above the horizon just after sunset. Still, plenty of opportunities to get some great shots. This workshop is to be held at Coonabarabran at the Warrumbungle Mountains Motel. This will include Nightscape photography on the first night followed by Deep Sky Photography via telescopes on Saturday and Sunday. This workshop will be $500 per person, including the use of mounts and telescopes. No accommodation is included. 
  • July: Friday, July 1st to Sunday 3rd This is the last chance to really capture the rising galactic core. This workshop will be held at the Gresford property
  • July: Friday 29th to Monday 1st August. The northern end of the Milky Way is still rising so some great composition opportunities are available from a good dark sky. The extra day will allow us to cover Star Trackers, Equatorial Mounts, and visual Observing via a large Dobsonian telescope. The extra day will increase the cost of the Workshop to $1100. This will be held at the Gresford Property
  • August: Friday 26th to Sunday 28th, The Milky Way will be overhead after sunset and this will be the first opportunity to capture the Setting Milky Way for 2022. This workshop will be held at the Gresford Property
  • September Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th, This is the best workshop to capture the Setting Milky Way, an amazing sight, and a great spot to capture it from. This workshop will be held at the Gresford Property.
  • October Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd The last opportunity to capture the Setting Milky Way before it gets too low to easily capture. This workshop will be held at the Gresford Property.
  • November: Friday 18th to Sunday 20th.New Moon is late in November. I plan on making the November workshop based around both Nightscape and Astrophotography with telescopes. I have several equatorial mounts and Star Adventurer trackers available for people to use. This workshop will be held at the Gresford Property


The fee for the workshop is $850 and includes the accommodation and meals. Couples can come as several rooms have queen beds and ensuites. The fee for a couple is $1600 if both attend the workshop sessions and $1200 if only one attends.