I have been a Wedding Photographer for over 15 years, but I guess you already knew that.

If you are here, you want to know a little more about me.

Hello, I’m Andrew.

599281_10151067340223469_1197979199_n599281_10151067340223469_1197979199_nWinning the Central Coast heat of the Karaoke World Championships.

Some time ago I came across a social media post asking people what job they wanted to do as a kid. I remember thinking that I always wanted to be an Astronomer (little more on that later) or a Photographer.  Here I am in my early 50’s doing a job I love and something my younger self really wanted to do.

I picked up my first camera when I was 13 and have rarely put one down ever since. Those first cameras were manual film SLR’s, and thanks to the help from my sister Kerrie and a local Pro, Laurie Andrews, I learnt the fine art of capturing the world around me. Laurie not only showed me how to shoot but also how to develop and print my own B&W photos.


Photography wasn’t the only thing I was passionate about. I became interested in Astronomy at an early age and it wasn’t long till I was combining my love of astronomy and my love of photography together. DSC_8073ADSC_8073AMilky Way setting over Pokolbin Hill

I have been to the US twice to give lectures about Astronomy, I own several large telescopes, I’ve won the prestigious Lone Star Award to the Texas Star party and discovered my own Planetary Nebula called Murrell 1 or MU1. 0165_Pa33_fa0165_Pa33_faMurrell 1

Yes, it kind of looks like a small blue/green ball.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Miriam who is very understanding, both Photography and the Astronomy keep me out and about. We have no kids of our own but we have had several fur babies. We always aim for the rescue dogs and we have been lucky both times. Our first rescue was Tiger a Labrador x Shepherd who we had for 16 years. It took us several years to go again and this time we have a retired racing Greyhound called Mia. She is an amazing dog, so affectionate and loving.

I started Andrew Murrell Photography as a second business. Every year the business seemed to grow and grow and in 2013 I decided to take it full time. Up to that point I had worked for a major Sydney white good retailer as a salesman and store manager. My 20 plus years in retail taught me the value of great customer service and that my clients deserve my full attention.

I have been shooting Weddings for over 15 years now, I have mainly worked on the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley. I have shot several destination weddings and managed to capture one of my bucket list locations, Paronella Park. I have also been the entertainment photographer for the Roche Group shooting at Harrigans Irish pub and the Hunter Valley Gardens.  00360036

I have captured Weddings at some amazing locations over the years, Killcare Beach on the Central Coast, King Edward Park Newcastle, Plenty of Wineries in the Hunter valley, The Cathedral at Newcastle, even Parramatta Goal. (one of my all time favourite spots)


A few interesting points about me

  • Raised on the Central Coast of NSW
  • I have a great singing voice and enjoy Karaoke. I have sung the first dance at 2 weddings so far. (Perfect, Ed Sheeran and Amazed, Lonestar. Just to save you asking)
  • Love to read and usually have 2-3 different books going at one time
  • Love Science Fiction and have been a keen fan of Doctor Who from the age of 7. (Jon Pertwee is my favorite, and don't start me on Star Trek)
  • I have visited the US several times and spent many weeks shooting the Southwest. (I love Monument Valley)
  • I have been shooting Sunrise every day from October 2013. (what's a sleep in feel like?)
  • I have several large Telescopes and continue to enjoy staring up at the night sky
  • My wife and I have chased 2 Solar Eclipses in Australia, making a road trip holiday out of both
  • I am an avid storm chaser and have loved the opportunities that have allowed me to capture these amazing displays.
  • I spend many nights shooting the night sky and have won several prizes with these images including first place in the Nightscape category in the Capture the Cosmos 2019
  • I was awarded the Camerahouse Photographer of the year in 2018

NEF_4672NEF_46722018 Winning Image

I love what I do, there is nothing better than to capture memories on one of the happiest days of your lives. I find it rewarding, fun, emotional and fulfilling. I cannot imagine doing any other job.