Would you like to get better results from your camera?

Do you have some questions about your new camera like?

What do the letters and symbols on the control dials mean?

What is white balance and do I really need to know about it?

What is ISO and what does changing it do for me?

What is a Histogram and why does my camera show it to me?

How do get the soft background on my portraits?

When do I use the flash and how do I stop red eye?

Maybe you’ve had the camera a while and would like to know some more advanced information?

What is the difference between RAW and JPG and which is better?

Why does the camera offer different types of metering and when do I change it?

How many focus points do I need and why does the camera have so many?

What is exposure compensation and what camera modes does it work with?

Can I control the output of my speed light either the one built in or the separate speedlight?

Or you maybe you’re an old hand at one style of Photography and would like to learn something new like Landscape or Astro

How do I stop the stars from trailing in my Nightscape images?

How do I use ND filters during Sunrise or Sunset?

What is Exposure blending, Focus stacking, HDR and do I need to use the techniques?


If you have ever wondered about the answers to these questions, Help is available.

I have nearly 40 years shooting experience and run my own Wedding and Event photography business. I offer several different workshops that can be tailored to your requirements. Ranging from a 2hr talk about becoming familiar with the controls of your new camera all the way up to a 2 night Astro workshop in the foothills of the Barrington tops. Most workshops are performed 1 on 1 so I can spend all my time with you. The list of Workshops offered and pricing is below


If you are interested in attending any of my workshops please use the contact page and send me a message. We can discuss further about the workshop you wish to attend.